Friday, May 7, 2010

On the day that my partner and I had to teach our lesson I was very nervous. I never taught a lesson where the students were given cards to behave a certain way also I did not know what to expect because my lesson was the first lesson being taught. Looking back on it, I am happy that my partner and I went first. The class did not behave as badly as I thought they would. They paid attention and despite the many outbursts and interruptions we were able to get through our whole lesson.
My partner and I discussed beforehand how we would administer the lesson. I thought doing this made the lesson go quickly and smoothly. When one person was teaching the other person was dealing with the behavior issues. We tried not to let the students that was trying to learn get distracted by the students that were doing things they was not supposed to be doing. Doing this was a big part in getting through our lesson because we did not have to stop for long periods of time because of the actions of one student.
I realized that as a teacher you have to be prepared to adjust your lesson to fit the needs of the class. You might plan something and realize that the children are getting restless. When something like this happens you have to change up your lesson a little to keep the attention of the students. You also realize that you might not get to everything in your lesson plan. In my lesson plan we incorporated the use of pictures, however when administering the lesson we did not use the pictures because we realized that we was asking the children to do too many things at one time. We also did not go through all the words in our word list because the students were starting to get bored and tired of sitting on the floor. To wake them up my partner Olivia decided to do an exercise in which they each add their own movement. That was good because it woke up the students and I followed her lead even though I did not know what she was doing. It is always good to pick up cues or feed off the ideas of your fellow teachers. You do not want the students to realize that an activity was not planned or you do not want them sense that you do not know what you are doing. I enjoyed working with my partner and I think we did a very good job in our lesson. I learned a lot about things I could do or say when students are acting up in the classroom.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Take 10

Today was a pretty funny day. My partner and I had to rerecord our podcast so many times because we would mess up on like one word or something small but i am such a perfectionist that i felt like it had to be perfect. Then when we did get it perfect i did not save the episode completly and so we had to rerecord it again. I think that everything happens for a reason because our last recording was definatly the best. Our classmates was telling us that it was perfect from becfore and making jokes about us doing it so many times. We found this very funny because they all heard us doing it and thought it was perfect but we did not. My partner and I also realized that we are the two loudest people in the class. I am very happy with the results of today's podcast.

Thinking Ahead

Last week Olivia and I got to podcast a full reading of our book so today we will do it again and try to make it perfect this time. I am used to my partner sitting next to me but the computer next to me does not work and someone is already sitting next to my partner so it will be diffuclut to work like we usually do. Our book is has a range of topics that can be discussed because there are so many things going on in our book. There is rhyme, numbers, animals etc. It should be very easy to come up with questions about our book because there are so many topics to discuss. I am excited about today. wish us luck.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reflection 02/19/2010

Today my partner Olivia and i did our first full reading of our book. It went pretty well, we just messed up the prononucation of some of the words in the book and tripped up on a couple of words. Over all it was a good reading, we took our time and read at a steady pace. We decided that olivis would read the pages on the left side of the book and i will read the pages on the right side of the book and we transitioned well. For the next class olivia and i will have to make sure that we are looking ahead to be ready for those tricky words, we also need to look for a picture to add to our podcast of the book. I am excited to do other readings of our book because this reading went so well that i think it could only get better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

First podcasting experience

Today was my first time podcasting and i realized that podcasting is fairly easy. The only trouble i had was using the site because the site was a little confusing. I think if i play around with the site a little more then i would have no trouble with podcasting at all. It was very funny to hear my recorded voice because i sound so different compared to the voice i hear when i speak. I like podcasting because it is so much easier to speak what you want to say then to write it. I think that in the future the only problem i would have while podcasting is being aware of how clear i sound and how fast i talk. I have to be sure that my words are clear so that whoever is listening to my podcast can understand me clearly. Me nor my partner used the headphones this time but we were comfortable with just holding the mic so we will probably do that the next time. Check my podcast out guys!!!!!!! Olivia Torres is also fetured in my first podcast.

i did not write a lot because i had computer problems

Sunday, February 7, 2010

lesson plan partner

olivia torres
the book is one, two, skip a few first number rhymes illustrated by Roberta Arenson